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EP 096: Matt Park, Syracuse Orange

posted by Logan Anderson August 1, 2019 0 comments

This episode features my conversation with Matt Park, the voice of the Syracuse Orange. Topics of discussion include:

  • When he knew broadcasting was in his future.
  • Do you have to know what you’re doing as a high schooler to go to Newhouse?
  • Early jobs with the Piedmont Boll Weevils and the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx.
  • The important balance of classroom learning vs getting experience.
  • Getting his first break as the pre/post game host of his alma mater and how that eventually led to becoming the voice of the Orange.
  • Following Mark Johnson, who has true voice of God pipes and why he thinks voice quality is a little overrated.
  • Working for Learfield/IMG precursor ISP.
  • Surviving a six overtime classic basketball game.
  • Why he feels that his broadcast is under the microscope being the voice of the broadcast factory that is Syracuse.
  • How he got into academics as a teacher at Newhouse.
  • Having difficult discussions with students
  • Communicating to students that play-by-play may not be the right career path for them.
  • Working with former athletes training them to be broadcasters.
  • The time Shaq borrowed his neck tie.
  • What is enough description vs to much.
  • Using pauses to build drama.
  • What he would tell his students about going to the NSMA weekend.
  • His thoughts on the reputation of Syracuse students being thought of as entitled.
  • Dealing with the loss of long time analyst Chris Gedney who tragically passed away.
  • His personal broadcast horror stories.
  • His preparation process and advice to streamline spotting board creation.
  • The broadcasters that he likes listening to on a free night.
  • And much more!

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