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EP 149: Jake Marsh, Barstool Sports

posted by Logan Anderson December 28, 2023 0 comments

In this episode we visit with Jake Marsh of Barstool Sports. Topics of discussion include:

  • Getting his start with the school newspaper is Weston Florida.
  • Going through the admission process to be accepted at Syracuse
  • Building experience through ACC Network Plus as a student.
  • The friendly competitive process at Syracuse.
  • Taking the mens bball job at the University of Vermont immediately after college.
  • The challenges of taking a lower paying job to get DI experience.
  • The fortuitous break that led to his internship and foot in the door at Bar Stool Sports.
  • Running the XFL combine 4o yard dash vs Darren Rovell.
  • Being hired at Bar Stool Sports as the Sports Business Reporter.
  • Calling play-by-play for a bunch of unusual Bar Stool Stream events.
  • Building spotting boards for rock, paper, scissors competitions.
  • Getting promoted to a regular contributor on Pardon My Take.
  • Moving to NYC during the heart of the covid shutdown.
  • How much prep goes into Pardon My Take?
  • Finding his groove as the human encyclopedia on the show.
  • Deciding where his line is what it comes to some of the more controversial Bar Stool Sports content.
  • Why he’s not concerned about any Bar Stool stigma when pursuing other projects.
  • The live rights events that continue to grow within Bar Stool Sports.
  • Moving from New York to Chicago.
  • Creating content for an 80,000+ Twitter account.
  • Dealing with the darker side of that big of a Twitter following.
  • His favorite broadcasters to watch and listen to on an off day.
  • Why he loves broadcasting.
  • His basketball prep process.
  • Going back to Syracuse as a mentor instead of a mentee.

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