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EP 141: Adam Young, New Mexico State

posted by Logan Anderson April 8, 2022 0 comments
Adam Young, New Mexico State

This episode features my conversation with Adam Young, the TV Voice and Director of Broadcasting at New Mexico State. Topics of discussion include:

  • His unique director of broadcasting position.
  • His role, or lack their of, when New Mexico State qualifies for the NCAA Tournament.
  • The relationship he has with their long time radio announcer.
  • How his love of sports led to an early start in the industry.
  • Notes from his preparation process.
  • How he decides what nuggets of info make the broadcast.
  • How often is it ok to repeat information and storylines.
  • How to avoid “Antonio Gates-ing” a story line.
  • The advantage of getting reps while still in high school.
  • Being part of the last generation of broadcasters who had to send physical tapes and CD’s as demo material.
  • Realizing the importance of a personal website early.
  • How finishing runner up the first time he applied for his current job led to getting it on his second try.
  • Why mindset is a huge factor when jumping back and forth between radio and TV.
  • The importance of varying vocab on streaming broadcasts.
  • The importance of word economy.
  • Finding great references and mentors.
  • What does success mean and what is next?
  • Balancing things outside of sportscasting that bring happiness.
  • Missing out on the enchilada festival, food in New Mexico, and the pros and cons of St. Louis style pizza.
  • His broadcast horror stories.
  • His favorite broadcasters from his hometown of St. Louis.
  • The importance of a great support system.
  • Making friends and building a social life after moving by yourself to a brand new place.
  • Interviewing an assistant coach that later became his wife.

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