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EP 110: Dave Wills, Tampa Bay Rays Radio

posted by Logan Anderson February 13, 2020 0 comments
Dave Wills, Tampa Bay Rays

This episode features my conversation with Dave Will, part of the two man broadcast team for the Tampa Bay Rays. Topics of discussion include:

How listening to Harry Caray and working in fast food helped him develop his passion for sportscasting.

Having his voice recognized in unusual places.

Choosing to go to Elmhurst College.

Getting his first sportscasting work for Sports Phone in Chicago.

Being roommates with longtime Portland Trailblazers broadcaster Brian Wheeler as a young man in Chicago.

Being the voice of the Kane County Cougars during their first season of existence.

Turning down a high paying insurance sales job to stick with the industry.

Working his way into great freelance opportunities.

Interviewing for the Rays job after buying a new house and without telling his wife.

Balancing family life with the grind of an MLB schedule.

Reliving his call of the ALCS championship moments.

Live tweeting his experience of getting stuck in an elevator.

Getting named as a member of the Irish American Hall of Fame.

Receiving royalty checks intended for David Wills the country music singer.

His broadcast horror stories.

His favorite broadcasters to listen to on an off day.

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