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EP 063: Bob Costas, NBC Sports

posted by Logan Anderson April 26, 2018 1 Comment
      EP 063 Bob Costas NBC Sports

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Episode 63 of the podcast is with someone who needs no introduction. I’m joined by Bob Costas of NBC Sports. We touch on many sportscasting topics including:

  • How a friend from Syracuse helped him land his first position as the voice of the Spirits of St. Louis, an ABA team, at the legendary St. Louis station KMOX.
  • The creative way he put together a demo to catch the attention of management at KMOX.
  • He shares stories from the freewheeling and short lived ABA.
  • How he rubbed a few of his co-workers the wrong way early in his career with his lack of punctuality.
  • How going nuts on a buzzer beater for the Spirits helped him to nail big moments for the rest of his career.
  • Getting the opportunity to be the Olympic host.
  • Learning how to be a successful studio host.
  • What he means when he says the key to being a sportscaster is being both well prepared and simultaneously spontaneous.
  • Mixing political storylines eloquently into a broadcast.
  • Adding humor and self deprecation into a broadcast.
  • The difference between a good and great broadcaster.
  • Why an appearance on David Letterman is his favorite pop culture crossover moment.
  • Who are the best contacts to make to advance in your career.
  • Balancing an NBA Finals broadcast with the OJ Simpson white Bronco chase.
  • Why OJ Simpson tried to call him from the back of the Bronco and what he would have said if he had answered the call.
  • The one event that he’s never broadcast that he wishes he could.
  • What does he listen to when he critiques his own tape.
  • Why we won’t ever see a sportscaster as revered as Vin Scully ever again.
  • Why having pink eye in front of the entire world was his biggest broadcast horror story.
  • ┬áThe reason he felt he needed to fight through his illness and miss as few days as possible.
  • Meeting Mike Tirico as a college student when he became the first Bob Costas Scholarship winner at the Newhouse School.
  • Why giving back to young broadcasters is important to him

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