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Announcer Alterations #3: Logan Anderson- Presentation College

posted by Logan Anderson January 23, 2016 0 comments

Part of becoming a great broadcaster is having a great vocabulary and finding ways to vary your verbs and nouns. That is why a regular feature on this site will be “Announcer Alterations” where we take short clip of pre-existing play-by-play synced to video and come up with five different ways to call the same sequence of events.

Today we use a clip of yours truly from last year. This is one of only two buzzer beaters I’ve had the opportunity to call over the last five years for Presentation College. In this case I botched the call badly. With the video it works ok but this was originally a radio call and was dubbed over the video later. Instead I failed to describe the scene and resorted to counting down the time. I didn’t say what side of the floor the eventual shooter was dribbling down and never even said it was a three. I let the fan inside of me take over and as a result the call was poor. Here is the original verbiage and five ways it could have been done better.

Here is the original verbiage:

Riley West with the basketball. Eleven..Ten..Nine.. just holding onto it. With eight, now looking to go one on one. West has it knocked away. It’s picked up by Isreal! Three..Two.. Isreal at the buzzerrrr…..GOOOOOD! On the left wing Cameron Isreal….with a dagger!

And here are five different ways to call the same play focusing on unique description of the action:

Riley West holding the basketball near half court for Valley City with 11 seconds left, Gibson-Starks waiting for West to make a move. West attacks at the top of the key, tries to cross over, Gibson- Starks pokes it away. Loose ball pick up by Isreal racing down the left sideline. Pulls up for a left wing three at the buzzer…..GOOOOOD! And Presentation wins on the road versus Valley City State!

Riley West holds the ball near midcourt for Valley City with 11 ticks remaining. Gibson-Starks trying to lock down and force OT. West tests the defense straightaway, crosses right , Gibson-Starks stabs at the ball and it’s on the floor! Isreal scoops it and streaks down the left boundary. Pulls the trigger from the left wing at the horn….GET WET! Presentation shocks Valley City!

Riley West grips the ball near the center stripe for Valley City. Clock counting down from 11. Gibson-Starks trying to put on the clamps. West surges toward towards the basket, crosses left to right, Gibson-Starks jabs the ball loose. Isreal sprints down the borderline, casts up a left wing three….SILK! Presentation secures the win in dramatic fashion over Valley City!

Riley West with vice grips on the ball near the center court circle for Valley City State. 11 Shakes left in regulation. Gibson-Starks on security detail. West probes from the top, crosses over, swiped away by Gibson Starks! Isreal snares the ball on the run down the left side. Heaves a wing three…. AND DRILLS IT! Presentation pulls the upset versus Valley City!

Riley West playing keep away with 11 seconds on the timepiece. Gibson-Starks trying to zip up the straitjacket. West turns the wheel left. Crosses over. Gibson-Starks slaps it away! Isreal seizes the ball and beelines down the left side. Sends it away FROM THE WING FOR THREE…AND IT FINDS THE MARK! The lead and the W to Presentation!

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