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EP 093: Drew Carter, 2019 Jim Nantz Award Winner

posted by Logan Anderson June 20, 2019 0 comments
Episode 93 with Drew Carter.

My conversation with Drew Carter, this years winner of the Jim Nantz Award for the nations best collegiate sportscaster. Last years winner and fellow Minnesota native, Katie Emmer, also makes a surprise appearance.

  • The process of winning the Jim Nantz Award.
  • Being the second straight broadcaster from Minnesota to win the award.
  • Meeting last year’s winner Katie Emmer at a Vikings game.
  • Going to Syracuse with the intention of being a writer.
  • Picking a school far from home by picking Syracuse.
  • Prioritizing on air reps vs schoolwork.
  • Comparing weather between the Twin Cities and Syracuse.
  • Getting his call from Jim Nantz.
  • Going to the Super Bowl with WAER.
  • Developing a quality reel as a student.
  • Writing his acceptance speech to recite in front of industry heavyweights at the NSMA Awards Weekend in North Carolina.
  • His philosophies of networking at events.
  • His Jim Boeheim story.
  • Future goals for his career.
  • The effect of growing up in Minnesota where nothing good ever happens to sports teams.
  • Balancing friendship and competition.
  • How he uses social media to grow his brand.
  • What he views as his weaknesses and areas to improve.
  • Making a mistake dealing with a difficult minor league manager.
  • Favorite broadcasters to listen to on a free night.
  • Why he’s one of the only people in his group of friends to not stay at Ian Eagle’s house.
  • His broadcast horror story.
  • Being a part of the WAER Media Cup basketball team.

Katie Emmer, last year’s Nantz Award winner shows up and takes over the interview. They talk about:

  • The doors opened by winning the award.
  • The difficulty of covering field hockey.
  • Stories about leaving their comfort zones.
  • Reliving the moment Jim Nantz called them.

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