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EP 061: Lane Grindle, Milwaukee Brewers

posted by Logan Anderson March 29, 2018 0 comments
      EP 061: Lane Grindle, Milwaukee Brewers

In this episode I chat with Lane Grindle, the number three man in the Milwaukee Brewers booth. He grew up less than an hour away from my own hometown and I really enjoyed this conversation. Topics of discussion include:

  • The value of gaining practical experience while in college.
  • Cutting his teeth in a small market.
  • Why backing out on a commitment to play football led him towards a career in radio.
  • How a conversation with an SID helped him learn to lay off the officials during his broadcasts.
  • The difficulty of being edgy as a talk show host in a small market.
  • Overcoming being from a small town in the middle of rural America.
  • How interning for Kevin Kugler helped him stumble into a job covering one of the most popular teams in all of college football.
  • Craziest fan calls he received while hosting Husker Sports Nightly.
  • Turning down jobs to stay in Lincoln with the hope of someday being the voice of the Huskers.
  • Learning he would fill in as the play-by-play broadcaster of a Nebraska game with only 90 minutes notice.
  • Having another broadcaster with similar talent and ambition in Jeff Culhane to push each other as young broadcasters.
  • The process that led him to getting his current job in Major League Baseball with the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • The uniqueness of his path doing college baseball instead of spending time in the minors.
  • How his relationship with Kevin Kugler helped him advance through the business.
  • He shares what it’s like working with broadcast legend Bob Uecker.
  • Broadcast horror stories from his career.
  • What he meant when he said broadcasters are like the Bob Ross of sports.
  • Favorite broadcasters to listen to on a night off.

And much more!

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