Personal Update & Glossary Updates

posted by Logan Anderson May 22, 2018 0 comments

I spent last weekend in the Twin Cities for two purposes. First, I’m extremely proud to have watched my wife walk across the stage to accept her Masters Degree from the University of St. Thomas. Second, I was able to look for apartments and explore the city I’ll be moving to in a little over a month.

We of course are excited for the move, but at the same time the difficulty of the endeavor is starting to set in. Finding affordable housing is proving to be difficult and the concept of paying bills with only one of us having a full time job feels daunting at times.

With all of this going on I’ve still been able to work on my sportscasting vocabulary and have added to my glossaries accordingly. Feel free to use and share the terms in the posts below as you see fit:

Football Glossary

Glossary of Basketball Terms

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